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Brain Dead

I can't believe they infected the cat. This show is crazy good

I can't complain. It's actually fun to watch
I am not an early bird or a night owl. I am some form of permanently exhausted pigeon.
I turned the TV on just after nine and saw this was on. Seems interesting although I only got to see about 40 minutes before the storm washed out my satellite. Nobody's head exploded Sad . I am interested enough to watch again, especially now that I know it stars Ramona Flowers!
yeah it funny and way different normally on Monday nights Steve if interested can catch up on amazon prime for free if don't have account post ill send my info you can use it

steve you have private messenger disabled so cant send you a pm

Thanks Brad, I will figure out how to enable PM's at some point. I wasn't able to get the password to work but I signed up for the free month trial. Saw the first two episodes. This is my kind of show but I'm afraid it will be too "out there" for mainstream audiences. Also, heavily partisan viewers may find it off-putting if they feel like it is picking on their team. I will continue to watch and keep my fingers crossed that it lasts a while.
On that password the first 2 letters are capitals last 2 are not

Steve I was wrong on password there is no capital letters all lower case that was old one I don't log in much hehe

Wow and you were shocked they infected the cat!

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