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The Vote

A lot was said in the last session, so to catch Steve up, here's a brief summary of what each NPC thinks about what consensus you should try first:

Fenris- You did promise to cure my daughter. Keep that in mind. You should know that you are being used as pawns by the elders because we are unable to hurt each other. It was built in to the consensus which created us. If you are successful in replacing us, expect the same.

Berchan - we should become elders so then we can fix everything and anything we want. Why waste time on all that small stuff when it'll be so easy after we're super powerful?

Eshara - The blight is currently under control but we're spreading the forgetting disease wherever we go. But hey're both terrible, so I'm ok with fixing whatever we can. I don't want anyone to suffer because of me. I made a promise to Mythal. That doesn't change no matter what other information we find. Dehlia fought off Andruil enough to be herself for a little while. I think I could do at least that much and then I would know for sure what her intentions are.

Celeste - If we intend to fight these self styled gods, we need allies. It's really hard to convince people to join our cause when they forget who we are, or we have to avoid everyone. The forgetting is our immediate concern, but the Blight is why we came together, and is a close second. If we think we can do either with the people at hand, we must at least try.

Cathal - Darkspawn destroyed my village, killed our farmers, fallowed its land. I have only one purpose here. To end the Darkspawn threat for good. It is my sworn duty as a Grey Warden, a promise to the late Commander Duncan. Any deviation from that goal is unacceptable.

Malcolm - This Johannes man turned the Dalish into monsters for his experiments, destroyed my home and killed my friends. Anything he wants I am against. He wants us to kill these elders, then I'm sure no good can come of it. I'd rather not become a god, but do as much good as I can with the time I have left, however long or short that might be.

Number 4 - I can't really find fault in the boy's logic. If these elders are as powerful as I've heard, and we have an opportunity to steal that power for ourselves, it seems like the only course of option that can lead to a victory over Mythal. Outsmarting or deposing her seem unlikely at best. On behalf of the Legion I am of course obliged to mention the Darkspawn threat is the utmost priority, but it's a huge step towards that I can support.

Garrick feels like we should deal with the most immediate problem first: the forgetting disease. He does not believe we are ready or in some cases fit to take on the mantle of the elders. He will abide by the vote of the party regardless. In the meantime he will continue to attempt to care for Andrea, write entertainingly for Desire, and not die.

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