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Dragon Age RPG

I saw this post on another board-

"They came up with their own system, I believe. The three box sets are similar to that of the heroic, paragon and epic tiers of 4e. I haven't bought a copy of it myself, but it seems like it deserves a place in my collection."

So it looks like you have the "heroic" tier of the game right now, hence the level 1-6 on the box. Reading a little further into the thread it states the game has 3 classes- rogue, warrior, and mage. It sounds sort of like the True 20 (also written by Green Ronin) setup since it has 3 classes as well.

I've always wanted to play True 20 and even thought about using it during my last campaign. Of course, that's probably one of about 4 different systems I considered using. I went with D20 Modern because it was the most familiar to our group.

Eventually I'll get around to trying all those games I want to play!

I've read through some of it, it looks pretty neat. I really like the world from the games. I'd be willing to give a try running it if you guys are interested.

Some info from the president of Green Ronin himself-

"The biggest news for Dragon Age is that we've decided to re-work our release schedule for the game somewhat. We had originally planned to make the game four boxed sets that each covered 5 levels of play. We are keenly aware, however, that the arrival of Set 2 has taken too long so we've decided to accelerate the pace. Set 3 will now provide the rules for levels 11-20, so all the core material can get out to you faster. Even better, we are trying to get Set 3 out this year."

Looks like you have two more boxed sets to buy!

cool amethyst running a game that be fun Tongue

We'll see about that

[quote author=amethyst link=topic=278.msg781#msg781 date=1296432734]
We'll see about that [/quote]

You have already committed.

It is 4 posts above  Tongue

Oh, I'll run the game. I'm just not promising that it will be fun.

[quote author=amethyst link=topic=278.msg783#msg783 date=1296679240]
Oh, I'll run the game. I'm just not promising that it will be fun.

When you agree to run a game you make an unspoken promise that the game will be entertaining. It is a long standing DM tradition. Ask anyone who has ever ran a game, they'll confirm what I am saying.

I suppose you'll all have plenty of fun mocking me.

yes I will at least I ran your husband off hehe
mocking his old game

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