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Sat 15

So I hear no game this week. Anyone off 22nd ???? I'll be there with my new found eye 😇


I will be off on the 22nd

Does anyone remember if Steve is back by the 22nd?

I believe so. I thought he said he'd miss 3 weeks

I have a family event I plan to attend that doesn't start until 4pm in Wheatfield. I don't plan to stay more than an hour or two but I won't get to Hammond until at least 7pm I'd guess. I'm fine with that if everyone else is, I just need to know before I drive from Wheatfield to Hammond.

Of Steve not playing mike not playing Frank being late at 7 no since playing


Hello all, I have returned from Indonesia and to the best of my knowledge I don't have malaria... I am available to play on the 22nd if that is what people want to do.

No game this week. Look forward to getting back to it on the 29th!

Welcome back Steve hope things went well 😀


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