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Nick - Xahn - 11-21-2017

Hey Nick I forgot to mention it to you on Saturday but my work just posted a job opening with some of the job requirements being 5+ years or customer service and an associates degree in a business related field.
It doesn't say how much it pays but the other job posting is a clerk and it starts at $18.76 so I'm sure it's quite a bit more than that.

RE: Nick - nick - 11-22-2017

Thanks, I'll look into it. I'm not much of a sales guy, but we'll see.

RE: Nick - Xahn - 01-20-2018

We just posted an IT position this week but it sounds like it's hardware and software support so not sure if that's up your alley or not.

RE: Nick - nick - 01-20-2018

Now that's more in my arena. I'll get an updated resume together.

RE: Nick - Xahn - 03-07-2018

They posted another IT job posting. I'm not sure if it's for the same position or a new one because they haven't hired anyone for the first posting. This one is worded differently so it may be new.

RE: Nick - nick - 03-08-2018

hopefully, it will stick around long enough for me to get home. Thank you for the heads up.