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Tower attack

Ok we got 2 weeks off maybe we can talk about how we want to approach this before we get back together in few weeks
we got to the fishing shack and stopped there so Steve knows where we left off.

I do have a question for Cathal That if she would go on a scouting mission with me if I could get the collar to change me into a griffon
and do a fly over of the Tower?

I know mike wants to start his experiment which also should interest Gerrick once he hears what it is all aboutSmile


I've already started it that's why I'm balking at going into the tower. I'd be more interested in an underwater scout than a griffon to be honest. If the only way in is through that tunnel then it would be nice to see if it's guarded. Unless you would want to fly everyone to the tower roof than that might work. Did Reverie tell us where about in the tower the survivors are?

When I approached the Tower last time at night I was spotted right away
so I would rather get birds eye look Griffon and take
Cathal since some in party do not accept my word.
If group thinks water scout np I be willing to do that also.


While I don't really like the risk involved with the Circle Tower, I think we should go. The situation with the relics seems to be improving but some of us still need more chances to use them before meeting the Architect. I also think we need to use our relics together as a group, focusing on the same task, similar to what we did when we fixed Calvino's arms. I believe if we focused all of our relics on a particular demon we could shred the thing to pieces. There will likely be limits however, which we won't find out about until we try. We might be able to do this to one or two demons, four or five, maybe more. The more we use them now the more they'll need to rest, or be built back up, prior to meeting the Architect. Does anyone recall how we felt after we used the relics on Calvino? We didn't have ten at the time, it seems like it would have been easier if we did.

I believe the relics we will have issues with during this are Sloth and Pride. We haven't really talked to Tyree to see what has happened but he seems to be on the right track, we just don't know if it will last yet. Garrick can use as much time as we can reasonably give him with Pride. Reverie is also very weak right now so I'm not sure how much I should ask of her yet. The more hope we have, the stronger she will get.

This may sound a bit crazy, but I believe if we are able to combine the power of these relics we can accomplish just about anything. In the fade almost anything seems possible, if you can imagine it, if you believe it, it can happen. These relics are an extension of that, if we desire it, hope for it, have faith in it, etc. we can cause incredible things to happen. The question is where do we start? One demon seems reasonable, but I honestly think we can take out a few at a time. I am not sure we could cleanse the tower all at once, but that task is certainly easier than using the consensus to end the blight as we are planning. Why can't it be possible? Because we don't believe we can succeed, I think that's the only reason.

During one of my conversations with Reverie, I asked her if it would weaken her to give someone hope. I'm not sure why I asked, maybe because I know she is weak currently. Her response surprised me a little but it makes perfect sense. She said "Will it weaken me if I give up some of myself?" The relationship with the relics is give and take, they feed off our emotions and get stronger, we use their powers which makes them weaker. When Corryn used Faith to sustain an effect he started to suffer negatively for it. I think this is because Faith became too weak to protect him from it at some point, even though he could still maintain the effect if he wanted.

I propose we go to the circle tower and use the consensus to cleanse it of all demons present, not to include the ones we carry with us in our relics. Once we do that we will be ready to use the consensus to end the blight once and for all.

Good Hopeful speech Smile and I agree with a lot of this. I think that at some point we will be taking in the spirit from our relics to do the final task but that is later.

I still think that if we go by water to get there we will be spotted and they will lay in wait for us.
I really don't want to say it but I think going underground to door that was sealed may be the best way to get in with out being seen.
The reason why I don't think water way is good is the way the Demon just looked at me when I scouted out the tower didn't seem like no looking around just stared right at me Smile But as I said ill be glad to recon
so attempt to change into griffon with saddle for Cathal 17 if that don't work try a fast small fish the collar seen that's 15


I like the idea of going back to the door in the catacombs. It seems like the best way to approach the tower unseen. If we are spotted trying to fly or swim in we could have a large group waiting for us right off the bat. If we are able to enter the tower without alerting the whole place maybe we can experiment with relic-y cleansing techniques. We would need to be able to get past the door though.
Do we have any experience with getting through magically locked doors?

I believe we could get through the door easy enough but we wouldn't be able to lock it behind us so anything that comes behind us would have access to all the magic items in the crypts. That's my only concern with going through the crypts.

Which relics did we have and use when we put Calvino's arms back on? I'm specifically interested in if we had any and their opposite? I know Marius had hope and pride but I don't know if he used both. I believe that I was getting reduced results when I used Faith trying to save Eleanor because she was so closely associated with desire.

Welcome steve Smile Marius should be able to dispel or even Celeste and now that I am back to myself I have good chance to break it down if need be. We also have 4 she likes stone work she might be able to help


I don't recall the set up by the door in the catacombs but perhaps Corryn could use faith to make a door in the wall near the existing door. Once we go through the door goes away. I agree with Corryn, we should not allow the demons into the catacombs with the relics. It was bad enough when we were down there, it'd be much worse if the demons were allowed in the catacombs.

I don't remember if I used both relics or not when we helped Calvino. I would assume I used both but for awhile I didn't use Pride much at all, honestly I don't remember. I am not sure we even need to be in the circle tower to cleanse it of the demons. I believe the power of the consensus will work even if we aren't facing them directly.

I had hunger and justice and tried to use both don't know which one or both did anything I have tried using both a few times
but since they do not talk to me did not know who helped or if both did Only time I know for sure was with Eleanor and her fade bubble


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