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Update and dates I'll be missing

I saw my surgeon a few weeks ago and he said that he wanted me to go through radiation and chemo before the surgery so I made appointments with the radiation oncologist and the regular oncologist so now I have a tentative timeframe  of when I'll be out from surgery. Fortunately for me but unfortunately for nick's game this now means that I will not have to cancel our vacation to hawaii so I will be missing April 2nd and 9th.

I will be starting treatment on the 12th and it lasts for 6 weeks. I haven't spoken to the surgeon yet to schedule the surgery but the radiation oncologist said I should have 4 weeks of rest after the therapy then the surgery then another 4 to 6 weeks of rest then 4 months of chemo to finish off with. I'll post when I get the exact date of the surgery so I can let you know when I'll be out for an extended time.

Well...... cool, damn, and well..... chemo and radiation, crap. Ok, nice looooooong break from the game until either Brad gets back or Mike, whichever comes first I guess.
Are you a saint or a sinner?

Mike sorry to hear about this stuff best wishes and prayers for you Smile
If anything I can do let me know.

I maybe able to play in april I'm getting around better started using a cane Tuesday instead of walker and did some driving.

I plan on opening store next week on reduced hours see how I can handle being up that long.
That will let me know how long I can play on Saturdays Wink

Woot! Good news indeed.
Are you a saint or a sinner?

Sorry to hear you're sick Mike. Sounds like they've got a solid treatment regiment in mind for you though, which is good news. Best wishes and get well soon.  Wink

@Brad -

Glad to hear you're up and about again. Pretty soon you'll be back up to full argument strength, just in time for Angel's DragonAge game to start (Yes I lurk the boards still....). Sorry Angel  Smile

PS - Been looking for jobs in Chicagoland, I'll let you guys know if I'm headed back up to the region anytime soon.

There you go, get back here!

BTW, if you're opening back up this next week, I'll pay you a visit on Friday (assuming you are open). I have to take my two A+ exams at the training joint next door and have at least a 30+ minute break around 12pm, between tests, depending on how long I take.
Are you a saint or a sinner?

I am unable to play the weekend of the 16th. Brandon has a soccer tournament that weekend in Terre Haute with games on Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully we can get back on track the weekend of the 26th!

cool mike hope you find something in chicagoSmile

nick i wont be there friday i forgot i have doctors appointment at 1pm Wink

Seriously Mike S., send me a resume!

[quote author=amethyst link=topic=287.msg819#msg819 date=1302182645]
Seriously Mike S., send me a resume!

Post it on the site so we can critique it!

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