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Brad :)

Hi all  Miss you all and the gaming
To fill you all in I'm at my sisters in Portage for a bit.

I went to hospital on the 1st and they took my left leg on the 2nd below the knee.
Came with in a day or 2 of being to late to save me so bad thing losing leg but good thing to be alive.

Next week i will be going to see about an artificial leg fitting and a few weeks of therapy then.
I might be back end of Feb and able to get around enough to play again Big Grin

I'm in good spirits and feel good except for the Phantom Pain it is a real thing hehe.
the phone number here is 219 764 8079  if any one needs to call me. I dont keep a phone near me so my mom or sister may answer but no problem Big Grin

I'll be looking back here all the time Tongue  Brad

Looks like your sister was able to get the router hooked up  Tongue

It's good to have you back even if it's just online. Let me know if you need anything.

Glad to hear you're feeling better. I make a lousy Yammy, you'll have to come back soon.

Great to hear that your doing well and can't wait till your able to play again. The group balance is askew in favor of the aussies  Tongue

I'm glad you are out of the hospital. If you need anything, ask.
I'm not a superhero, I'm not that kind of guy. But I can save you if you give me a try.

Thanks all Big Grin  yes I've let Wagga Wagga get upper hand atm Big Grin

also fyi for items I had a 1d8+2 healing a  lvl 0 heal for 1 point fully charged for stablizing and the mage armor one which last for 2 hours atm Big Grin

This wed I go to my wound Doctor and he gets to say if I can put weigjht on my foot yet.  If I can then I get to start all the rehab for learning to use a fake leg and getting around Big Grin so wish me good luck Big Grin

Miss you all and tammy and angel's baked goods Tongue

Hey Brad! Tongue

Sorry to hear you're working through some medical issues.

Hope you are back up and about soon!

Get Well,


Thanks Mike how you been ?

Pretty Good...

Got stuck on the project from hell at work, but other then that I can't complain.

How are things going up there? You all still playing Modern or have you gone back to D&D or something else?

Still doing a modern when we can (seems the world conspires). We're set in 1862.
I'm not a superhero, I'm not that kind of guy. But I can save you if you give me a try.

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