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The Big C

Mike do you Believe ?????

ooommmmmmm   ooommmmmm  ooommmmmmmmmmmm


I'm not sure yet but I'm leaning towards no. I've rolled my stats but haven't swapped one yet or picked my occupation and skills.

Are you aware of the consequences when you don't believe?

The only thing I've read was about if you read something that give you some mythos skill points you don't lose the maximum sanity loss because you think it's fiction. I think if you ever encounter something though you take all the loss at once but I'm not positive about that.
I also thought reading the books that give mythos skill only lowers your maximum not your current but again it's been awhile since I read it.

Basically you don't suffer sanity loss as long as you don't believe. You can read mythos tomes and learn spells, but you cannot cast spells. Once you encounter solid proof of the mythos, mainly by encountering a mythos creature, you deduct any Cthulhu mythos points you've earned to that point from your sanity score immediately. Normally any points gained in Cthulhu mythos skill are deducted from your sanity as you gain them. Your maximum sanity score is 99 minus your Cthulhu mythos skill.

If you never gain any points in the Cthulhu mythos skill I don't think it's too harmful. If you plan to increase that skill you could end up taking a bunch of sanity damage all at once. Any investigator who loses 5 points of sanity as a result of one check will go temporarily insane, if you lose 20% of your current sanity score in one day you will go indefinitely insane. Temporary insanity last 1d10 hours, an indefinitely insane investigator must be cured with a minimum of a month of therapy.

I'm not trying to sway you either way, just giving you the information Smile

Is reading books the only way you can increase your mythos skill?
How many HP did you guys end up with? I'm debating on which stats to swap and Con is one of the possibilities. I'll either have 11 or 13 I think.

So what is everyone's luck score? I just remembered that bit

Only by encountering the mythos can you increase this skill. This is either by reading a tome or in some instances firsthand interactions with mythos entities. You do not get a chance to increase the skill during the investigator development phase like you do other skills.

IIRC, the HPs of the other characters are 13, 11, 10, and 10. I don't recall anyone's luck scores.

Dr. Elmer has HP 11, Luck 65
Are you a saint or a sinner?

I'm not a believer   I'm going to be a shooter, brawler,  disguise,
skills for the book worm Smile has some great numbers in her skills 60-70 range but 11 skills total the DR. is same  then
the spy, and the low life(Chicago gangster) have bunch of skills in the 30-50 range just to give you an idea

Frank I saw a skill not on the sheets in the book with uncommon after it read lips does the uncommon descriptor mean something ?

here is a link to a editable character sheet


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