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Game On 10/28

I am available this Saturday to game. If Steve's house is still open I'd suggest we play there this week. Please post so we all know everyone is still good to play on Saturday.

I'm good Steve address and direction


I'm good to play as well just need to decide if we are carpooling again and where to meet etc

Mile we will pick you and Nick up since you guys are on way out be little before 3pm to get you


Sounds good, my address is 414 Wolf St. Rensselaer, IN 47978
Directions are in the post "directions" near the top of page two
I think you said last time that you missed the turn on airport road, it is just past the airport building, running alongside the runway. Any questions let me know!

np thanks steve yeah we missed that one lol we plan on being their around 4 ish don't have to wait for anyone getting off work Smile


Mike could you bring some tostito chips I'm going to bring a bag of my Nacho chez. To snack on


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