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Greetings all! Hope everyone is doing well. I like the look of the boards Nick.

I came on to post this link, and Frank beat me to it. 8D

Excited to see that they are working on a new edidtion, but I've been having plenty of fun with Pathfinder for the last month or so!

Anyone headed up to Fort Wayne at the end of January to check out the D&D con? I hadn't planned on attending, but I may make the trip now to see what's what

Con Info

Howdy Mike. Good to see you still checking the boards. I don't plan on going to the con but it would be cool if someone we know could get in on the playtesting there and let us know there thoughts. I'm cautiously optimistic in the hopes that they couldn't possibly make it worse than 4E.

We usually have Anti Con during DnD XP but this is the first year we aren't doing it. I was debating on making the trip myself since it's only a two and a half hour drive. I'd have to work things out with Brandon (or bring him along) but I could be game for a road trip.

I've been to DDXP twice I think. It will take all of 5 minutes to check out the "dealer hall" which is all of 5-6 vendors. The big draw would be playtesting 5E to see where the game is headed. Since Brad doesn't work on Saturdays anymore he may be up for the trip. Mike was at our last session for the first time in months so he may be up for it too.

If anyone is interested please post, maybe we can put something together. It looks like the rooms are $102 a night so we could swing it for the cost of gas, the badge, and about $25 for the room.

Anyone interested?

After your phone call today Frank Im up for the trip [Image: smile.png]

and if Brandon goes that ok with me

We're all set!

I have 6 tickets for the playtest. Right now it's Brad, Mike Spolarich, Angel, and myself for sure. The last 2 tickets are between 3 people- Mike, Erik, and Wil.

Erik sounds fairly sure, Wil is a maybe, and Mike is unsure at this point.

Two weeks away!

Thanks for handling all the registration stuff Frank. I would've missed the early registration window for sure. When you get a chance, can you please post the address of the hotel? Thanks! It'll be great gaming with you all again!

yeah be great the old and new gang together Wink

I'll have to work on getting older

[quote name='amethyst' timestamp='1326499307' post='2751']
I'll have to work on getting older

Aren't you turning 30 this year? I think that would qualify[Image: biggrin.png]

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