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Insanity Clarification

I missed a couple of things during the last session, I wanted to make everyone aware of how things should have been handled. If you take 5 points of sanity damage in a single check you have a chance to go temporarily insane. Before this happens however the investigator must make an intelligence check. If this check is passed, you realize the implications of what you've witnessed and go temporarily insane. If this check is failed, your mind has repressed this occurrence so the investigator will continue on as normal. If you take sanity damage equal to 20% of your current sanity in one day you will become indefinitely insane. There is no check for this, the human mind simply cannot ignore this amount of trauma in such a short period of time.

What this means is both Evelyn and Sebastian should have made an intelligence check before going temporarily insane. Since they didn't acquire a phobia or mania the effect of not making the check wasn't significant at all. If they would have come up with a phobia or mania I would have removed this if they would have failed the check.

The other part I missed was also fairly minor. Whenever an investigator fails a sanity check they will lose self control for a moment, meaning they will do something involuntarily to be chosen by the Keeper. Some examples would be-

  • jumping in fright causing you to drop something
  • crying out in terror
  • involuntary movement- jerking a steering wheel while driving for example
  • staring disbelievingly for a moment
  • involuntary combat action- the Keeper may dictate some of all of your action during a combat round
Those are the two things I missed from last week. I'm still trying to get all the rules down, if I get something incorrect I'll make sure to go over it so everyone will know how it works the next time it happens in the game. If anyone has any questions feel free to post them here and I'll try to answer them before the next session. I hope everyone is enjoying the game so far. It's certainly different than what we are used to so I'm interested to see how we like it.

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