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Back Up Investigators

I would like everyone to come up with a couple of back up investigators, at least one for now. I don't believe there will be an issue anytime soon, but I could see some instances in the future where there might be. Death is certainly a possibility but it's the degrading of sanity I'm more concerned about. I can see a situation where an investigator (or two!) might need time to recuperate while the rest of the group needs to keep moving. It has happened already with the Doc, though you might have been able to avoid it if you really wanted. In the future you might not have the option, this is when I'd like everyone to have the choice of using a back up investigator.

We'll need to have a reason for them to become involved, similar to what we've seen with the Doc and Devin. It would work best if the back ups know another investigator, it could be yours or someone else in the group if that makes more sense. For instance, Angel's back up could be the professor she has talked about, makes sense for him to know Evelyn. Mike's back up could be his uncle, or if he wanted to play the bootlegger he talked about it might make more sense for him to know Zebediah instead. If you have a concept where the back up doesn't know anyone we can make it work. The idea is to have these investigators ready to be worked in as they are needed. Once they are introduced for the first time it'll be handled within the campaign from that point. 

These additional investigators can be just about any occupation you'd like to play. Create them the same way you created the first investigators, we can adjust them if needed before they are introduced. I'd encourage everyone to try some different concepts, maybe you'll find you like something you never thought you would. Eventually the campaign will head across the Atlantic, feel free to have investigators be from Europe. You could be a friend of Evelyn or perhaps your PC has been to the area before, either way works.

It's possible you never use your back up, but it is highly unlikely that everyone will get through the campaign without needing a back up. I would like to prepare beforehand so if we need one we're ready to go. I just wanted to get the concept out there so everyone could start thinking about it. If you have any questions either post them here or we can talk about it on Saturday. I'll see everyone in a few days!

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