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Multiple Characters

The purpose of having each of you create multiple characters was to keep players in the game if their investigators needed time to recuperate from the more dangerous scenarios. I don't like the idea of a player having control of more than one investigator during a scenario so I didn't plan on having them involved. After thinking about it I figured it could work, I'd just play the extra investigator as an NPC. Brad brought up something I hadn't thought about, the NPCs would have a chance to improve their skills. Unless all of the NPCs are involved some could advance faster than others.

What I plan to do is play the additional investigators as NPCs like we talked about already. I'll make decisions for them based on how I feel they have been played by the player when the investigator is their primary PC during a previous scenario. The one thing that would be different is this- when I am playing the NPC I would not check their skills when they make a successful check like a normal PC would. Of course, this only happens when the additional investigators are involved in the current scenario. If it makes sense for them to go along they can, if not, they stay behind as they have in the past.

We can talk about it more at the start of the next session to get it all ironed out.

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