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Dinner Invitation

I need to change a little about the end of last nights session.

Initially when Yahya read the invitation to dinner he said all five investigators were invited. Shortly after this he returned to the dorm with Numees and Zeb. This is where we ended the session. 

I sent Brad a message today to let him know the following information-

“When you look at the invitation again after returning to the dorm you see the invitation is only for yourself plus one guest.”

After relaying this new information to Brad he reminded me about showing the note to Numees while the group was still in the shop. I must have missed this last night but when Numees reads the invitation herself it is only for Yahya and one guest. Once this is pointed out to Yahya he’ll agree, the invitation is for himself and one guest.

I don’t know how this will change how the group proceeds but I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the actual events at the end of the session. Feel free to discuss if anyone plans to attend the dinner with Yahya, and if so, who that will be. For those that don’t go to dinner with Yahya, what are their plans for the evening?

Are you a saint or a sinner?

Zebediah would take the opportunity to check out the store/residence while Mr. Wick is away at dinner. Zeb still feels like he has a better chance at success if he does that on his own but he has soured somewhat on entering strange places by himself... Anyone who feels like they could be sneaky would be welcome to join him.

Does anyone plan to go with Yahya to the dinner? If this can be worked out I'd like to play out the dinner on one of the next two Saturdays before the next session. This is assuming the players attending the dinner are available to do so. If we can do this then we can pick up next session with Zeb (and anyone else who goes along) checking out the shop while the dinner is happening.

If not, we'll just handle it during the next session.

OK just making it clear for my cloudy mind is this a DM roll back or a Ya being poor English reader, disappearing names (magic paper or cloudy mind)
because not only did I show it to Numees but we also accused the dean of leaking info etc. since only few new we were coming and so on Smile


When Yahya initially read the invitation it was for the entire group. Once he shows the invitation to Numees, she says the invitation was for Yahya plus one guest. Yahya looks at the invitation a second time and agrees with Numees, it is for himself and one guest. After a discussion among the group, Zeb decides he'd like to check out Abner Wick's place of business while Yahya has his attention during the dinner. Numees and Sebastian like this plan and decide to accompany Zeb. Yahya tells everyone he thinks someone should go to the dinner with him, he doesn't think he should go by himself. Doc speaks up, stating he will go to the dinner tonight with Yahya.

Brad, Nick, and I will play out the dinner next Saturday. We'll start the next session with Zeb, Sebastian, and Numees planning the break in at Unconsidered Trifles.

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