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Can we keep a thread stickied that lists all the missions we've done and which characters were there? I'm trying to think of which characters Sebastian would talk to but can't remember all the missions.
I'll list the ones I remember. They may not be in the correct order. If you remember more or if one of your characters aren't listed just post and I'll update the list. Frank can you list what order they happened? I think that would help too.

Haunted House with dead guy in the basement:
Sebastian, Evelyn, Zeb, Doc and Viktor

Blackwater Creek:
Sebastian, Evelyn, Zeb, Doc and Viktor

Apartment building flying thru space:
Sebastian, Evelyn, Zeb, Devon and Viktor

Rescuing Evelyn and Josh from the Snake man:
Allesandro, Lucy, Hanada, Yahya, Landry and Numees

Allesandro, Numees, Lucy, Landry, Yahya

Rescuing Johnny from insane asylum:
Sebastian, Evelyn, Esmee, Oliver, Lucy

Innsmouth part 1:
Sebastian, Esmee, Lucy, Oliver, Evelyn

Innsmouth and the Government:
Sebastian, Esmee, Lucy, Oliver, Evelyn

The witch trial papers and People eaters:
Sebastian, Yahya, Lucy, Numees, Zeb


- Apartment - Devon, not Doc.
- Rescue Evelyn - Landry, Numees
- Asylum - Lucy
- Innsmouth I - Esmee, Oliver, Evelyn
- Innsmouth II - Evelyn
- Witch - Lucy, Numees, Zeb
Are you a saint or a sinner?

Events of the campaign so far-

1. Investigate the old Corbitt house in Boston- Sebastian, Evelyn, Zebediah, Victor, the Doc

2. Check into the "Hammer" in Arkham and recover stolen artifacts (apartment building)- Sebastian, Evelyn, Zebediah, Victor, Devon

3. Find Professor Rhoades in Blackwater Creek- Sebastian, Evelyn, Zebediah, Victor, the Doc

4. Recover the Arkham Witch Trail Papers- Sebastian, Zebediah, the Doc, Yahya, Numees

5. Adventures in Josh's basement (serpent man)- Yahya, Numees, Allesandro, Landry, Lucy, Hanada

6. The Shining Trapezohedron- Yahya, Numees, Allesandro, Landry, Lucy, Hanada, Esmee in the latter half

7. Rescuing Johnny from the asylum- Sebastian, Evelyn, Esmee, Oliver, Lucy, Philippe

8. Escape from Innsmouth- Sebastian, Evelyn, Esmee, Oliver, Lucy, Philippe, Johnny

9. Raid on Innsmouth- Sebastian, Evelyn, Esmee, Oliver, Lucy, Philippe

10. The auction in Vienna- Sebastian, Evelyn, Esmee, Yahya, Devon, Josh, Hanada, Philippe

11. Adventures in Sebastian's mind- Evelyn, Esmee, Yahya, Lucy, Caleb

The above order for the scenarios should be correct. The last two weren't listed, the auction in Vienna and the trip into Sebastian's mind. The investigators listed for each seems correct except for the witch trail papers, Doc was there instead of Lucy. He was the one who did most of the talking with Abner Wick, the shop owner in town whose house you burned down.

Esmee was there for the second half of the shining trapezohedron. Did anyone else change? I don't think so

Evelyn was around for some of the Trapezohedron, because she read the book that had the cure for Landry

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