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Question for the Players

I wanted to get everyone's opinion on a couple of things. We've been calling off the sessions if more than one player is missing. What would everyone think if we went ahead and played when two people were missing? We'd obviously play more often, but on the flip side players would be more likely to miss a session here or there. I am ok either way, I just want to know what everyone's thoughts are on the subject.

Second thing, instances where investigators are asked to make moral choices seem to come up more often in Call of Cthulhu. If we play more often that means I'll being playing investigators for missing players more often. I feel comfortable running someone's investigator in combat, even giving basic opinions based on what players have done in the past. I would want to avoid making moral choices for an investigator, or any other important choices really.

If we decide to play with two players missing I could text or call the player to let them know the situation before moving forward. If I didn't get a response I would probably call the session if it came to a point where I didn't feel comfortable deciding on an investigator's action. It is an investigative game, as such we spend quite a bit if time researching and gathering information. I'm alright with players missing this part if the players are alright with it. The recent situation with Lucy and the baby is an example of something I'd want all the players to be there for to voice their own opinions.

What is everyone's opinion on the subject, keep as is or play with two players missing?

I'm fine with either way.

I don't have problem playing with 2 folks missing its just lot of no input for the mission that night is only issue I see but am fine Smile

my moral's
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I think if we can put together a small character manifesto like Brad did it shouldn’t be too bad to play with missing people. Or we could just have those characters not appear in the adventure.

Playing with 4 people seems fine to me. Before you added a player to your group that was par for the course when someone was missing. I can't promise I will always be able to respond quickly to questions in text if I am not at a session but generally it shouldn't be a problem. I trust you to run my characters when I'm not around.

Working would be the one thing that would prevent me from being there. If I'm actively working then I wont be responding to quickly. But I can get a listing of viewpoints together. Otherwise I'm ok with playing with a lack of people.
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