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Nick's White Board

Ok, this thread is being used as a kinda whiteboard for me so I can track my campaign material. It is also where I'll have all the info about what you'll need to know for my campaign. With that...

Note that we will start in the year 1861. The United States has just started its Civil War and the British Empire is nearing its final years in Pax Britannica. Each character should be from some part of the Empire. If you elect against such, make sure you choose a nationality that isn't on bad terms with the UK (e.g. America); Spain and its remaining colonies would be a good alternative.

Below is some basic information about the organization you are a member of and some bonuses you gain by training with them. You don't HAVE to train with the Congress... but why not?


The Paxton Congress:

Headquarters: Paxton House, Scotland
Chair: Dr. Chelsea Cavendish
Mission: To protect and defend the Empire from any abnormal or alien threats using whatever means at our disposal.
Motto: If its abnormal or alien, its ours

Founded by King William IV in 1821 after becoming infected by a hatched Droon, nearly threatening his reign, the Paxton Congress was founded to protect Great Britain from the enemies beyond imagination, later refereed simply as abnormals. Under the Congress’ charter, the organization is charged to “administer to the Government thereof in our name, and generally to act in our name and on our behalf, subject to such orders and regulations as Paxton shall, from time to time, receive from us through one of our Principal Secretaries of State.” Expanded in 1820 by Queen Victoria, the Paxton charter also claims that any technology or advancement gained from alien or abnormal is the property of Great Britain and shall be administered by the Paxton Congress. This expansion also instituted a secrecy policy to protect the citizens of the empire from the threats faced by Paxton.
The Paxton Congress was founded with three houses focused on key elements of training to face the threats to the empire. These houses are Paxton in Scotland, the Institute in Bombay, and Prince Rupert in Canada.
The Congress is currently chaired by Dr. Chelsea Cavendish of the Paxton house and she has successfully expanded the role of the congress to international investigations and even included the Order of Panza, the first house outside the British Empire, into the Congress.

Select one house to have received your initial training and their associated bonuses

Order of Panza:

Location: Rincón de Ademuz, Spain
Director: Don Vidal Castilla
Mission: To fight for the right, without question or pause; to be willing to march into Hell, for a Heavenly cause.

The Order of Panza could easily be described as modern day knights. Founded on the principle that liberty is one of the most precious gifts that Heaven has bestowed on man and abnormal-kind, the Order serves as Paxton’s religious and defense studies branch.
Located in Rincón de Ademuz, Spain, the Order is the only house not within the British Empire and only recently joined the Paxton Network. As a result, the Order is still strongly independent and views the world through “Heaven’s Eyes.” Those that receive training at Rincón de Ademuz are trained in melee combat, diplomacy, and religious studies.

  Choice of Feat: Armor Proficiency (Light) or Archaic Weapons Proficiency
  Choice of Skill: +4 to Knowledge (Theology and Philosophy) or Diplomacy

Institute of Cryptobiology:

Location: Bombay, India
Director: Dr. Newton Collins
Mission: To provide the scientific understanding and technologies needed to support the sound management and conservation of our Empire's biological resources.

Built, as a response the influx of abnormal discoveries in Bombay, India, the Institute believes that all things can be explained by science and only intellectualism can be used to guide Paxton’s endeavors successfully. As a result, the Institute is the main training house of those pursuing the sciences including medical, life, and elemental studies – especially in the fields of cryptozoology and cryptobotany. The Institute maintains a firm view that balance of human and abnormal nature must be maintained to avoid undue extinction of either species.
The Institute is one of the three founding houses and is viewed as the opposite of the Order of Panza. The Institute fiercely opposed the entry of the Order as a result, but yielded when Dr. Cavendish convinced the house director that the Order would help to provide balance to a lack of basic human faith structure within Paxton and their religious studies would greatly assist in ferreting out recluse abnormal found within the world’s faiths.

  Choice of Feat: Educated or Surgery
  Choice of Skill: +2 Knowledge, Treat Injury, Investigate, or Decipher Script

Wagga Wagga House:

Location: Wagga Wagga, New South Wales
Director: Simon Trent
Mission: To provide vital information, key knowledge, and vital tools necessary to make proper plans for surviving as many possible future scenarios as possible

Located west of Wagga Wagga, New South Wales in Australia, this house was founded for the sole purpose of survival training. Every field specialist spends at least a month or two at this house throughout their careers with Paxton. The Aussie house was designed to train Paxton members how to seek out abnormals in the most remote reaches of the world and survive doing so. The house is also the main training grounds for espionage and reconnaissance of abnormal organizations, as it has often been a sanctuary for bushrangers and Aborigines.
  Choice of Feat: Stealthy, Track, or Deceptive
  Choice of Skill: +2 Survival, Spot, or Navigate

Prince Rupert’s House:

Location: Prince Rupert's Land, Hudson's Bay Company
Director: Juliette Duval
Mission: To track and rid the Empire of abnormals that pose a threat to its people

The Canadian house is the third largest house in Paxton as one of the three founding houses. Based within the territory of the Hudson's Bay Company’s Rupert's Land, the Canadian house is a general training facility that provides most training needed by members of Paxton. Despite their generalized nature, most members of the school specialize in non-scientific endeavors.
Lately, the House has been actively seeking and training members in the medical and biological studies due to a rapid influx of abnormal refugees from the United States during their civil war.
  Choice of Skill: +2 Knowledge, Treat Injury, or Handle Animal
  Choice of Feat: Animal Affinity, Cautious, or Track

Paxton House:

Location: Berwick upon Tweed, Scotland
Director:  Dr. Chelsea Cavendish
Mission: To protect and defend the Empire from any abnormal or alien threats using whatever means at our disposal.

The Paxton House, also known as Old City, is one of the three founding houses of the Paxton Congress and is the most cosmopolitan of Paxton. Currently, this house is the seat of the Congress’ chairwomen, Dr. Chelsea Cavendish. This school is a general education house and provides training to members in all fields required to meet the needs of their jobs. Unlike the Canadian House, Old City tends to lean more strongly toward scientific and diplomatic training, but with a teaching staff ranging from military to scientific, Paxton is the premiere training facility in the entire network.
  Choice of Skill: +2 Knowledge, Diplomacy, or Investigate
  Choice of Feat: Attentive, Brawl, or Educated
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Extra Feats:

You are proficient with alien weapons.
Benefit: You take no penalty on attack rolls when using any kind of alien weapon.
Special: A creature without this feat takes a –4 nonproficient penalty when making attacks with an alien weapon.

You have grown use to the adverse effects of using procured technology.
Prerequisites: Constitution 13, Attended training at a house or been with Paxton for 1 level.
Benefit: You suffer no negatives when using any kind of special ability item used by abnormals and aliens.
Special: A creature without this feat suffers all negative effects from using ability items.

You know how to provide safe medical treatment to abnormal and alien life forms.
Prerequisites: Knowledge (earth and life sciences) 6 ranks, Treat Injury 6 ranks, Surgery.
Benefits: You can, without penalty, use the Treat Injury skill to perform surgery on a living creature regardless of its type.
Normal: Characters without this feat take a –12 penalty on Treat Injury checks (–8 if they have the Surgery feat) when performing surgery on creatures of a different type.
Special: This feat cannot be used to heal or repair nonliving or inorganic creatures such as constructs or undead.
Are you a saint or a sinner?

Using Wound/Vitality rules as defined in the Wound Points supplemental and using the Severe Bleeding optional rule.


Everyone gets English and their native tongue. Exceptions are as follows in addition to English:

England - Any in Empire, Continental European languages
Canada - French
Australia - Any in Empire, Continental European languages
All Others - Closest neighboring language
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Backgrounds: Highly Advised. It'll help define your character... you'll need something as this is a big world with lots of personality and lots of characters to interact with.

Entry Point: You will have been recruited. Normally it'll be by a house leader under recommendation from a member that you never knew belonged to Paxton. Typically you'll have an interview without your knowledge. This could be observations, Q&A, casual, or a combination. You'll have the option of going to training at a house, but for those with previous military or police training, it may not be needed.
Everyone will have met each other and know you're a new team. You'll be starting the campaign on your first "practice" mission with Captain Arthur Cochrane aboard the newly launched HMS Warrior on November 12, 1861.
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- Leveling will be classic. One class per level. There will be enough of whatever to keep you alive and/or capable.
- You do not have to complete an advanced class to change a class.
- There will be, again, a group stat collection to be rolled by all. There will be 6 sets of 4d6 dropping lowest and keeping the best collection for all.
- Wealth will be handled the same. No need to advance profession as a skill. The Congress compensates you as you level.
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Personal note:

I spend a lot of time reading history, especially British, so there will be strong parallels. As a result, if you have concerns about technology or a national background, you might want to check out Wikipedia. Laws across the world will be loosely reflective of reality since I cannot be 100% about all laws everywhere at all times. Traveling from one nation to another will be assumed as handled, but then again, travel will be a bit "different" at times.

Translations for nations that y'all don't speak will not always be provided. For example, you can lean on the Dutch if you're in Japan or China and even get away with English in India, but if you are in the lands of Canada's First Nations, you need to find someone to help you talk to the natives. All missions will let you know if you need to find someone on the onset, but when you go off on your own direction, it'll be dependent on where you go and you might not always find someone. I'd personally make sure someone is a linguist and/or has a strong decipher script skill as a result.
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Whom will be issuing assignments for the start of your time out of the Paxton House. Meet the Steward of Paxton House, Colonel Robert T. Pickering

[Image: steward.jpg]
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More details will be coming as we get closer to my campaign, but just as a treat....

Meet your practice abnormal.

[Image: mission1.jpg]
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It was suggested that I review some rules in SWG, what was the idea of what to use from the RPG?
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