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sat 21

ok we are not playing this sat.  Will we be playing the sat after Turkeyday the 28th??
I know Nick normally visits family what about rest of us. I can play

Nick the problem was in my router or modem for windows updates that was only site I couldnt get on very strange Smile

Also Nick we are taking a Cruise on a paddle boat doen the Mighty Mississippi Smile
A gentleman wants us to find a Very old Gem that might have healing powers in Egypt.
This is a sanctioned Hoffman job.

After being on the boat for a day we now have 2 dead folks and 2 wounded folk and Magnus is talking to Maria in her head Smile  (Magnus the very old Vampire) but the killings are being done by Werewolves at least that is what Magnus told Maria.  So at this point he are in damage control mode hehe remember to level to 9th from the other week.

I really hope the 2 dead and 2 wounded aren't amoung ourselves.  :023:
Are you a saint or a sinner?

We did plan to play on the 28th from what I remember. Matt and Angel will be back from Angel's parents, I will be around as well, but I don't recall what Mike said (if anything). Hopefully Nick will be able to make it too!

I have to work on the 27th, so I'll be there.
Are you a saint or a sinner?

sounds good about the 28th

the 2 dead and wounded are not us Smile  but Zero did drag an old lady out of her cabin after Riley talked him into thinking the 2 old ladies are the werewolves then him and Maria left him in the lurch Smile

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