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The World According to Nick Library is at

I don't support it:

Remember, all of these books are copyrighted; do not download them unless you have bought a license to do so. They are offered only as a courtesy.

4th Edition Additions -

Monster Manual 2
Dungeon Master's Guide Deluxe Edition
Player's Handbook Deluxe Edition
Monster Manual Deluxe Edition
Divine Power

Return To The Moathouse
Into The Shadowhaunt
One Dark Night In Weeping Briar
Escape From Sembia
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Indiana Jones RPG (root folder)
Monte Cook's World of Darkness (Modern/3rd Party)
D&D 4E Dragon Magazine Annual 2009 (4th Edition/Extras)
Dragon 377-380 (Dragon)
Dungeon 1-151 (Dungeon)
Dungeon 169-171 (Dungeon)
Dungeon Masters Guide 2 (4th Edition/Core Books)
Adventurers Vault 2 (4th Edition/Core Books)
Revenge of the Giants (4th Edition/Adventures/Revenge of the Giants)
Primal Power (4th Edition/Core Books)
Draconomicon 2 - Metallic Dragons (4th Edition/Core Books)
E3 Prince of Undeath  (4th Edition/Adventures)


Dragon 361-363, 381
Dungeon 172
Are you a saint or a sinner?

4th Edition/Adventures has been completely redeployed. Too many changes to list
3.5 Edition/Adventures has been completely redeployed. Too many changes to list

    3.5 Edition/3rd Party
    3.5 Edition/Kingdoms Of Kalamar
    3.5 Edition/Dragonlance
        Dragons Of Autumn
        Holy Orders Of The Stars
        Knightly Orders Of Ansalon
        Legends Of The Twins
        Spectre Of Sorrows
        Age Of Mortals
        An Ansalonian Gazetteer
        Bestiary Of Krynn Revised
    3.5 Edition/Eberron
        Eberron Campaign Setting - Errata
        Map Of Khorvaire
        Dragons of Eberron
    3.5 Edition/Eberron/Adventures
    3.5 Edition/Forgotten Realms
        Anauroch [The Empire of Shade]
        Shadowdale - The Scouring of the Land
        Magic Of Faerun - A Druid's Grove
    3.5 Edition/Legend of the Five Rings
        Code Of Bushido
        The Way of Shinsei
        Time of The Void
        The Scorpion Sting
        Rokugan Campaign Setting
        Roleplaying In The Emerald Empire
        Silent Warriors
        The Way Of The Crab
        The Way Of The Crane
        The Way Of The Daimyo
        The Way Of The Dragon
        The Way Of The Lion
        The Way Of The Minor Clans
        The Way Of The Naga
        The Way Of The Open Hand
        The Way Of The Phoenix
        The Way Of The Ratling
        The Way Of The Samurai
        The Way Of The Scorpion
        The Way Of The Shugenja
        The Way Of The Thief
        The Way Of The Unicorn
        The Way Of The Wolf
        Void In The Heavens
        Walking The Way. The Lost Spells Of Rokugan
        Feng Shui - Burning Shaolin
        Fortunes & Winds
        Legend Of The Five Rings Player's Guide
        Lesser Of Two Evils
Are you a saint or a sinner?

Pathfinder has been completely redeployed with many new additions.
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New Library Page:

I've created a new page to make the library somewhat more harmonious with the site and a bit more pleasant to use. I'm working on a built-in PDF viewer, but for now, this should be all that's needed for the library.
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Are you a saint or a sinner?

    Opened the Perdita Branch to fill-in whenever the librarians at the Main Library decide to take a coffee break.
        Please be aware the things are a bit slower and more relaxed at the Perdita Branch of the Community Library.
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    Issues #151 - #154
Are you a saint or a sinner?

    3rd Edition has been updated and completely redeployed

    Added a new section called Legacy Collection. This section contains Original, Basic, 1st, 2nd, and Campaign Editions.
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    Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition
          Dungeon Tiles
              DU3 - Caves of Carnage
              DU4 - Arcane Towers
              DU5 - Sinister Woods
              Dungeon Tiles - A directory of images extracted from some of the tile books
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