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Sat 20 Food

Hey Mike for your last supper this Sat would you like to cook out or get pizza your choice  >Sad

Pizza sounds great. Where from?

BTW I dont have internet access here yet, so I'm ninjaing it off someone with an insecure network. The connection's a bit flighty so if I dont get back to you guys right away thats why.

You can call my cell at (219) 794-5937.

ok where do we want to get from all can vote for this one  >Sad

FYI If no one votes then I'll throw dart at my pizza list  >Sad

Any place that has cheese and pepperoni is fine with me.

I am fine with just about anything except Little Caesers or Dominos.


Pizza Hut or JJ's - Frankly, I'd go JJ's with that heart-stopping meaty pizza they have.
Are you a saint or a sinner?

Added a poll to make this a hair easier. You'll notice that I put in the normals that are in the Portage/Porter area.
Are you a saint or a sinner?

hmm I dont see Fox's Den or Papa Johns or T's >Sad

And Nick you could have picked anything but Domino's and little Ceasers and you would have won hehe

At this time  im leasning to Pappa Johns or T's

Shouldn't the poll close sometime before the end of the session on Saturday?

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