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So, About Bloodmages

I finally got to watch the Dragon Age movie and get a better feel for the world regarding mages and the Chantry. Just for the record, I will not suffer the rise of a bloodmage or defend them. Sure, I can turn a blind eye to a dislike of the Chantry, but I'll become a Templar if I must to drive back such filth.

This I swear by the stars!
Are you a saint or a sinner?

I should redefine myself: Armon would know more about blood ages than I (I just learned more). It would be the view of Armon that blood ages are filth (ooc, I'm no fan)
Are you a saint or a sinner?

But also anti-chantry? Is there anyone you like?

Brutal repression on one side, blatant disregard for the innocent (non-mage) on the other. The third choice is literally no choice at all. So no, I don't really like much of anyone beyond own countrymen.

Otherwise, not anti-chantry, just willing to turn a blind eye.
Are you a saint or a sinner?

Just wondering OOC you now know what bloodmages are but does Armon know anything
about them ? Its not like are heads are full of Knowledge etc. we are so young and just
starting to see the world Smile The 2 mages traveling with us havent explained it to us during
our travels we dont even know they are going for a book that is OOC info.
So dont let Armon get his shorts all bunched up about something that we dont even know yet.
As far as Mike toon and his feelings about his group does your toon even care about that group etc.
If you are going to that law and order type toon better take knowledge law etc for the world and
buy lots of handcuffs or rope for diff. places hehe

That is definitely a good point and something I've been trying to consider. As there are only three major factions, I've been trying to keep my thought process within the bounds of them.

I would imagine Armon would know what is advertised by the Chantry, or talked about by the populous, regarding the use Blood Magic, and that is pure evil that must be terminated. As for the Chantry's brutality, it seems it is no secret that the Templars tend to be exceedingly harsh with mages. From a law and order stand-point, it makes sense for mages to be controlled, for the good of the masses. On the other hand, the Templars simply want to take justice into their own hands, something I'd find abhorrent. As for the Qun... it's structure and demand is perfect for someone that likes that sort of thing, but its too structured and something Armon is trying to avoid getting sucked into.

In terms of Corryn and Marius, Armon (would) find(s) their actions distasteful in that they are willing to take justice into their own hands, especially Corryn. But given our limited resources and the only law enforcement agent condoning Corryn's recent actions, Armon is willing to let the mages deal with their own.

This would be a core conflict Armon will need to sort out.
Are you a saint or a sinner?

Forgot one other thing be careful about outside things like movie books etc the roleplaying game of Angel's may diff. in major or minor things so dont assume

Right, but as it stands, blood magic is still bad since it is used by non-Circle mages. Armon will not accept it at present.
Are you a saint or a sinner?

FYI Include me in that justice thing I think in swift justice terms and very harsh

And so it begins yet again......
Are you a saint or a sinner?

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