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Sat Sept 1st

ok just FYI Dragon Age Sat and we are 3rd level now Smile

Speaking of... I'm going to Lake Geneva that weekend. I'll have my character updated on the portal by then.
They can take away my innocence, but they can't erase my pride

oooookkkkkkkk Sad

What can I say? It's my turn to take a weekend off.
They can take away my innocence, but they can't erase my pride

you just had month off hehe

My plans might be changing so i might be there. Not sure if any of you remembered that originally I was busy. As of right now I still will be out but my character is leveled to 3 and set to go. I will let you all know when i know for sure. More then likely wont be till last minute.

okies the 2 folks we buy new gear for take their items and running hehe

With two players out, should we call it?

we have their sheets I good to play since we already had month but i'll go with majority mike,frank,Angel you vote Smile

After talking with Brad and Mike we all agreed we'd like at least 4 players to play Dragon Age. Everyone seems to be interested in getting together to play some board games though as long as we can meet the following-
1. I would like to play at my house (wife's request).
2. We'd like to have at least 5 people (Brad's request).
Since we only have 4 people we'd need one more. Matt seems to be the first choice if he is interested. If he isn't maybe we could ask Steve or Josh, I don't really know their schedules so that would be up to Mike or Angel. As far as game choice I'd suggest the following-
1. Fortune and Glory
2. Touch of Evil (I remember it being a LONG game)
3. Invasion From Outer Space
4. Arkham Horror (another long game I think)
5. Fire and Axe
6. Red November
7. Castle Ravenloft / Wrath of Ashardelon
8. Munchkin
We could also borrow 7 Wonders from Alex, maybe even Battlestar Galactica. We have alot of choices if we want to play. Otherwise we could just call it and take the week off. If we decide to play I would suggest we meet at 6pm.
What does everyone think?

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