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sat 29th

FYI For Alex and Mike we are playing at the Tenth Planet off shoot Smile
but Angel I forgot to ask Matt what time it started?
Nick better be there Angel thought I gave you to much hard time last SAT. hehe and I got scoulded.

This is the going to be at Tenth Planet in Schereville, right?
As for me, yeah. You didn't bother me with your ribbing, but my own self-conscience is the worst. I'm not a gamer, I'm lukewarm at best (I'm more about building), and I'm demoing to gamers; I don't even like comics.
They can take away my innocence, but they can't erase my pride

hehe I havent read a comic since 1970

We'll be there all day, from about noon, but didn't plan on starting Dragon Age till 5, our normal time.

It's two doors down from the Schererville Tenth Planet. There'll be a sign that says tournament here today.

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