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GenCon 2013

Hey all! Tongue

Just tossing a thread up to see who's going to Gencon this year.

If Frank has a room like normal, and its not already full, I'd like to try and score an invite. If not, I'll still be there, just staying at my brother's place.

I'm still unsure on if I'll be able to. I know it won't be all 4 days because I don't have any vacation time left but I might go for the weekend. How's everything going with you Mike? Still in Ohio?

I'm not going again.
They can take away my innocence, but they can't erase my pride

Hey Mike hows it going stranger
Hope your well Smile


I have a room but unfortunately it isn't the Embassy. There should be plenty of room though since most of the people who share the room haven't finalized anything yet. It will be good to see you down there this year.

I'll be there too

Hi guys! Yep, I'm still in Cincinnati, and everything's going pretty well here.

Looking forward to seeing you guys at GenCon.

Also I'll be up in Schererville next month from July 4th - 8th.

If anyone wants to get together and game, or just hang out, throw a post up and let me know.

sounds good I'm game for anything board or you could join dragon age for a night and play Mike shea's little friend hehe

He could play the dwarf too.

I think Cathal would be best.

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