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Cunning Memory Check!

I was chatting a bit with our awesome GM today via text. During this chat she gave me a run down on most of the information we have gained over the past few sessions so I wanted to share this with everyone to get some ideas flowing. The first list is information we witnessed ourselves.

- Arl Howe has no issue with killing civilians
- Strom was not killed when the lyrium was stolen
- Isabella had Chantry assistance in Lothering
- Isabella had contact with a Templar in Denerim
- Isabella's Templar contact was one of the Templars to arrive when Corryn gave Biddy his feather
- the box in the warehouse did not burn and it was not removed either

The next list is information we obtained from the map lady. We'll have to decide how much we want to trust this information.

- Arl Howe is responsible for stealing the lyrium
- Arl Howe arranged for the assassination of the Empress
- Danarius arranged for the shipment of lyrium from Lothering

I did ask some additional questions which I'll include below.

- the size of the box left in the warehouse is about 1.5 times larger than one of the crates stolen of off the boat (not sure why I asked this one)
- the crates were stolen after the fire (I believe I have this correct, please correct me Angel if I do not)
- we don't know anything about Strom other than he is a blacksmith but Calvino should know more
- I questioned Strom's loyalty to Isabella since he was there when the shipment was taken and wasn't killed
- I don't believe we have told Isabella that the shipment has been stolen. If we did she may have still been a little loony so she may not remember.

I have a few thoughts, feel free to add to them as you wish.

- Isabella needs to know the cargo has been stolen. She should be able to tell us who hired her to haul the shipment, maybe even give us an idea of who would have wanted to take it. We need to convince her to be a little more free with the information she knows.

- I know everyone (other than me) seems pretty sure we should attack the Tevinter Senator right away. I am not convinced that's the best move. If it's just him and the elf guy maybe we could take them. If the other card players are involved and they have any skills whatsoever we'd be in big time trouble.

- we need to locate the cat statue and get it back (not sure how to do this, just wanted to remind everyone about it)

If anyone else has any additional information now might be the time to share. I'd also be interested in any thoughts you guys have on the current situation along with the information listed above. I look forward to hearing your responses.

I'm pretty sure we told Isabella about the shipment being stolen but like you said she was loopy so we should tell her again. I also remember her saying she didn't know who hired her to move the lyrium but she may have lied to us about it. The more I think about it the more I agree about not going into the card room and attacking Danarius. With the total crapton of spying he has done on us there is no way he came to our inn on accident.

Np with waiting on attacking him
But in game Tyree will bitch about it Smile


Does Calvino have anything to add?

How about Nick? Does he have anything to add to the discussion?

Working on the assumption that Calvino agrees with the decision to leave Danarius alone this evening what is our next move? We seem to have a decent amount of information so how do we use it? I think our first move should be to speak with Isabella about the recent events. We should also speak to the map lady again since the initial conversation was a little rushed. We also need to track down the cat statue so we can get it back.

Assuming we don't have any other ideas what questions do we want to ask Isabella? What questions would we have for the map lady? How do we find the location of the cat statue? Are there any other ideas anyone would like to propose?

The only idea I have I can't think of a good way to implement it. I'd like to give Danarius a taste of his own medicine and while he's here trying to bait us I'd like to go take out Howe. See how he likes losing allies

Cal's thoughts:

If you go through with taking on the senator that night, Cal will offer background support, but it would be an epic tragedy that would really help boost profits. But seeing that only Tyree would be willing to risk things tonight, Cal will side with everyone else and elect to wait.

As for what Cal knows, it's piecemeal and you guys already know the important stuff. I'm sure there might be things Cal knows that would put things together for y'all, but everything is out of context and would be seeming unimportant.
For example, Cal knows about who has a key into the Arl's place and when she is off (roughly). Cal knows of someone that was able to get into the senator's game previously. Cal knows that no one likes the King nor his son. Cal knows the basic layout the first three floors of the fort. The Orlesian merchant has a virtual monopoly of fine fashion, an attractive daughter, money, a very nice house, and a temper. And that the beaches of Antiva are rather nice these days.
All-in-all, if you want information, you talk to the city's tailor.
Are you a saint or a sinner?

Does Cal know the King doesn't have a son?

Oh right, it's the Arl's son no one likes.

Also, a fiddle has a flatter bridge than a violin.
Are you a saint or a sinner?

1. how about going warehouse area look for Howe's troops or buildings and hurt him in the pockets??

2. also how about the tailor's daughter, kidnap her and use her to get info from him.

3. get Cal to go undercover at Howe's house to get info

frank & I talking about stuff

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