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Ddxp Info

Hotel address-

Courtyard Fort Wayne Downtown at Grand Wayne Convention Center
1150 South Harrison Street,
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802 USA
Phone: 1-260-490-3629 Fax: 1-260-490-7608

DDXP is held at the Grand Wayne Convention Center so I imagine the hotel is connected. I don't think I stayed at this hotel the last time we went to DDXP. I look forward to seeing everyone this weekend!

Hi Frank,

What time do you expect to be there on Saturday?

We plan to leave here around 8am so we should get there around noon EST. I think it's about 2.5 hours plus we'll probably hit a drive thru on the way out of town.

Hope you all have fun and just an FYI Gen Con event programmer is going to be out there giving away promo passes.  Name is Derek Guder and he is supposed to be one of 3 people wearing a wookie hoodie.  Thats what the Gen Con Indy facebook said.

I am assuming we are back to playing next week.  I know i havent been there in a few weeks but feeling healthier now after being sick for a month and dont have anything planned till the 25th or whatever that saturday is.

it was fun and yes playing this Sat. Tongue

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