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Some Considerations

Got a couple things to point out if we are going to the manor:

1. There is something in there and it has big claws and I just might have woken it up before I walked out of the place.

2. I am going to figure out my violin. I don't know what features it has, but I'm going to try in various conditions including combat.
Are you a saint or a sinner?

so you did make it in the Keep and out before you and Cathal had the brawl. did you see it get feeling about it just hear the click of the claws ?

Yes I think we need to go in because we did an very big injustice to the little girl last time in the fade.


I saw the claw marks on the walls and hear it when I tried to use my violin. When I heard it, I walked out of the manor.
Are you a saint or a sinner?

How long did it take us to get to Loggerswald? I have a bunch of experiments I want to try while we're traveling.

Better part of three days. We are now parked near the manor on the far end of the village.
Are you a saint or a sinner?

Mike don t know if Frank gave you any info about the problem but I'll try to relate it best of my ability

ok if you remember I left to follow the guy with the mirror so I wasn't with you during the trip to Loggerswald
while traveling you guys came across an Elf walking very slowly on road ahead of you.
If was the elven Elder of secrets etc. so he is with you all to see if we are worthy of the last Relic or so he says.
Frank and you have talked with him so Angel needs to fill you in on that.
Ok I didn't find the mirror but did find a broken down wheelbarrow and no more tracks about 4 hours from Loggerswald
so I went to the town. had minor talk with the Council they wasn't happy about us coming back then I went to Trish house
talked to her sister she directed me to the mill. Found her there arguing with the mill owner (marius buddy) about needing more guards etc.
Talked with her for a bit they had gotten some supplies from up north but the last shipment was late I said we would look for it as we traveled north
and she asked if I take message to them they needed more guards and help if they wanted the wood to continue she directed me to the Inn because I had not
slept in days I asked if they rebuilt it and she looked at me like what you talking about. so I went there and it was exact same place and few folks
in it like the old owners Daughter serving folks, Calvino friend tending bar, and the Hypocrite drinking, so I got room but left and checked on General store
is was there and like it was when we first saw it. Made me start wondering what was going on.

The town folks I talked new me so they remembered us from before but things were odd. So went back to my room and tried to figure what was going on but fell
asleep woke up little later and building was on fire again. Ran downstairs to get folks out and no one was around went out back and the tree was still there
that I had cut down last time. During this you guys had made it to Loggerswald and had elves and humans camp outside of town at Council meeting hut
Marius saw me in build and run out back you guys came there but I ran away to check on Trisha empty etc. ran to hut.
You guys took a closer look at fire saw it was odd and like no heat but was consuming building.
we all joined back at hut and moved to Keep (where we entered the Fade before) because Calvino had stayed there and Cathal and followed him but none of you noticed that
about her. once there we talked about entering fade to get Calvino and Cathal. I don't recall if this was point we heard the voice or music first or the sound of battle
to the south of us. so we headed that way and Cathal and Calvino was duking it out and both looked bad Marius used force shield on Cathal to stop it and tried to calm her
down she said she was trying to stop him from running away with the Cat Relic then we found out he didn't have it had already been returned to Eshara
we were able to figure out the voice was the little girl from the Fade that you and nick found and killed the desire demon that was posing as her mother.
we took her for a bit but we didn't finish it. Backtrack for moment my Gem gave me the feeling that a GREAT INJUSTICE had been done here.
Which is why I feel need to go back to fade since we may be stuck in her anguish because of the thin veil here.

So please other folks correct anything I got wrong out of sequence and add your own thoughts and reasons so mike is caught up for the 28th session since we have no Frank then.

Frank also think of what item you would be willing to loan if we decide to that so we don't have to guess and who you would or absolutely wouldn't give to.


what happened to Naya? When I talked to Frank it seemed like she was ill maybe going through withdrawal?

yes she is going thru withdrawal but it wasn't resolved because you did not want to use the drug you wanted to keep it for yourself hehe
so that was still being debated


It should be noted that Cal is not so ready to be done with Cathal. Granted, I'm a little out numbered and outgunned, but I have her on the ropes and she has been a physical threat to me for a long time. If she attacks Cal when the force field drops, I'll retaliate. I'll also make clear that I will kill her if she attacks me again. Otherwise, Cal will back down when we start again in two.
Are you a saint or a sinner?

you just hurt your cause we all blamed Cathal for everything you was the injured party so to speak hehe.
I'm not against you defending yourself or anyone in group defending themselves but I would not let anyone kill someone in the party if I could stop it
and I would do what it takes to subdue them not kill them Smile


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